All Roads Lead Here

February 14, 2011

Doug Carr, Thomas Isaac, Ogichidaakwe (Grand Chief) Diane Kelly and Douglas Sanderson discuss the practical matters of reconciliation

Earlier this week, I attended the Reconciliation in Ontario event at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto. Although there was talk of the past and the injustices committed against Aboriginal peoples. the emphasis of the event was on the future. Where to now? How to move forward? The responses were varied: partnerships built on mutual respect, education that focuses on Aboriginal history which would foster both knowledge and pride, a recognition that we are all treaty people. Canada was founded on the relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples. In terms of moving forward, this relationship is both the foundation and the future. All roads lead here.

I hope that the momentum and good-will of the event carries forward, and that more of these spaces for the exchanging of ideas and experiences are made possible.

2 Responses to “All Roads Lead Here”

  1. jb Says:

    So glad you got to be there for this event. Sounds like it was a good experience.

    Happy to be back.

  2. I’m happy I made it too. It was the best of both – NY and TO.

    From far away,

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