Blog Link: Media Indigena

August 30, 2010

Check out Media Indigena, a collaborative blog by 7 indigenous contributors. The blog focuses on indigenous issues from around the world and topics range from politics, culture and the environment.  A couple of their recent posts focus on the election of Australia’s first Aboriginal MP and Stephen Harper’s visit to the Canadian Arctic. They’ve also posted about the Indian Residential School system and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. For example, check out Sorry is Right and Reflections of a Residential School Survivor.

2 Responses to “Blog Link: Media Indigena”

  1. jb Says:

    Thanks for the tip Naomi!
    Hope all is well with you…

  2. tracingmemory Says:

    Thanks, Jamie! Yes, it’s an interesting site/resource.
    And hope all is well with you too.


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