Governor General Michaëlle Jean attends TRC

June 20, 2010

Governor General Michaëlle Jean arrives at the forks, and greets well-wishers with Katherine Morrisseau-Sinclair and Justice Murray Sinclair.

Governor General Michaëlle Jean showed her support for the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Winnipeg on Saturday. She attended the youth sharing circle where young people affected by the Indian Residential School system and those just learning of the system were given the opportunity to tell their stories. Many of the experiences were difficult to hear, and I can only imagine how difficult they were to tell.

Governor General Michaëlle Jean addresses the audience at the youth sharing circle on Saturday June 19th, 2010.

When she addressed the audience, Jean spoke of the need for unity. “What we are doing here today is about a re-foundation of this country. And it comes from confronting history together. It’s not about victims and oppressors. It’s about what we can achieve together.”

2 Responses to “Governor General Michaëlle Jean attends TRC”

  1. Mitchell Says:

    I was happy to hear that the GG made an appearance. I hope her replacement stays as engaged when her term ends later this year.

  2. tracingmemory Says:

    Me too, although it seems unlikely.

    Thanks for posting a comment!


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