Article Link: Inuvik to host next truth commission event

April 29, 2010

The IRS TRC has announced that it will host its next national gathering in Inuvik in June 2011. The commission is currently still planning the first national gathering to be held June 16 – 19, 2010 in Winnipeg. See an excerpt from the article below or to read more, click here.

The Inuvik hearing will allow former residential school students across the North to share their personal stories and feelings with the commission, which will compile an historical account of the Canadian residential school experience.
Organizations representing the Gwich’in and Inuvialuit peoples in the N.W.T. worked together on a motion to have the national meeting in Inuvik, given the high number of students who attended residential schools there and in Aklavik, N.W.T.
It is also believed that the Delta has the highest concentration of former residential school students in the country.

4 Responses to “Article Link: Inuvik to host next truth commission event”

  1. Kaitlin Murphy Says:

    Ms Naomi,
    I’m so excited to continue following the IRS TRC and your research — it’s such amazing and groundbreaking work, and I am thrilled you are working on it! Blessings for this big next step to Canada. I cannot wait to see what your future holds, my amazing beautiful friend. I look forward to many more decades of bubbly, deeply fulfilling, magical friendship! Good luck!

  2. tracingmemory Says:

    Oh, Kaitlin. What a lovely post – you make me smile. Thank you for your sweet words. I’m looking forward to working together in the future, and to our many adventures to come (many of which will include good food, good wine, and many laughs). My last year in New York wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without you. Much much love,

  3. nationsworkshop2010 Says:

    Hey, you’re right – it is going to be in June! Yay. Hopefully I’ll see you there, then, and hopefully I won’t be working the WHOLE time this time!


  4. Awesome! I’m glad it’s in June. And yes, I’ll hopefully see you there (if not sooner).
    Great to see you in Ottawa, and best of luck with all your projects!
    All the best,

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