Article Link – Update: IRS TRC offers apology for tone of recent statements

April 8, 2010

On April 6th, I posted a link to an article about the church’s involved in the IRS TRC process. The article, largely based on comments made by the IRS TRC’s Research Director John Milloy, suggested that several of the churches, particularly the Catholic church, were reluctant to hand over relevant documents. The IRS TRC has since offered an apology for these statements. Read an excerpt below:

Mr. Justice Murray Sinclair, the chair of the commission, has sent a letter of apology to representatives of the Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian and United churches to distance the commission from John Milloy’s comments, which first appeared in a Trent university newspaper.
“It was, in fact, Professor Milloy himself who brought the matter to my attention, with his assurance that he profoundly regrets the tone, language, and assumptions cast within his statements,” states the letter. “The Trent article, I am assured, is an example of one’s impatience winning over one’s passion to ‘get the job done.’”

For the full article in the Globe and Mail, click here.

(Thanks to Max, Leonard, and Nicole for sending me IRS TRC related news coverage!)

2 Responses to “Article Link – Update: IRS TRC offers apology for tone of recent statements”

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  2. […] There was some earlier controversy regarding the disclosure of archival documents generated and held by church archives resulting in letters written on behalf of the  Association of Canadian Archivists and several follow up clarifications and corrections. […]

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