IRS TRC Heading West?

September 6, 2009

With the appointment of the new Chair, Justice Murray Sinclair, there is talk of the IRS TRC moving from Ottawa to Winnipeg.  An excerpt from a recent article in the Globe and Mail:

“The residential school population is primarily a Western Canada population,” [Justice Sinclair] said, estimating that about three quarters of the schools were located in Western and Northern Canada. “And so the survivor population is primarily in the west. Locating it outside of Ottawa was an easy decision.”

Justice Sinclair is also based in Winnipeg and so it seems like a natural choice. At the same time, others are concerned about the potential move. Mr. Cachagee, Executive Director or the National Residential School Survivors’ Society, worries that survivors that are not based in the west will feel isolated:

Specifically, Mr. Cachagee points to the fact that the headquarters will be in the west and that a 10-member advisory “survivor committee” does not include anyone from Ontario and Quebec and has only one eastern representative from Nova Scotia. The three commissioners are also from the west and north.

Debates regarding the make-up and location of the commission continue. The full article is available here.

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