An anniversary and a fresh start?

June 3, 2009

UPDATE: JUNE 10th, 2009 – The IRS TRC has confirmed the appointment of the new comission. To read their official statement, see my recent post or visit the TRC website.

We have just passed the one year anniversary of the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada. Although the TRC has not put out an official statement, the Globe and Mail is reporting that decisions have been made regarding the new commission. (All three original commissioners had stepped down by January 2009, and the search for the new commission has been ongoing since that time.) Mr. Justice Murray Sinclair, a respected aboriginal judge from Manitoba’s Court of Queen’s Bench, will serve as the chair. The other two commissioners will be Wilton Littlechild, the Alberta regional chief for the Assembly of First Nations and Marie Wilson, a former regional director of CBC North. 

The disputes that led to Justice Harry LaForme’s resignation last fall, particularly regarding the structure of power within the commission, have reportedly been resolved. To read more see the full article at the Globe and Mail. Hopefully, the TRC will soon confirm these appointments, and this new beginning will signal a significant step towards commencement of the five year mandate.

To read the statement from the outgoing commissioners, Jane Morely and Claudette Dumont-Smith, visit the TRC website.

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