New Season, New Look

April 27, 2009

I’ve had a few comments about the look of the site and although most people like the design, some have commented that they find the white text on the black background a little hard to read. So I’m trying out this new design. Hopefully, this makes the site easier on the eyes. Compare with the old look:


2 Responses to “New Season, New Look”

  1. Martin Bar Says:

    Not sure if I left my earlier comment in the best place. I just wanted to note again that the new look is great. A much cleaner read. Also, congratulations on your Havard presentation — I heard it went well; big interest! I’m looking forward to reading/hearing more. Are you presenting to the public anytime soon? Was the Harvard presentation put on video by chance? Youtube/online?

  2. tracingmemory Says:

    Thanks for your comment. No, the presentation at Harvard is not online (as far as I know). My next conference is the Canadian Communications Association Conference held in Ottawa at the end of May. It is also an academic conference. I’ll post more about that shortly.

    Thanks again for your post and interest in the topic!

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