December 6, 2008

politicsreconI had hoped to go to the Native American Language in Crisis Panel today, but am instead nursing a cold. So, I’ve decided to catch up on some reading and work on my final papers. One of the books I am currently reading is called The Politics of Reconciliation in Multicultural Societies. Edited by Will Kymlicka and Bashir Bashir, the book is a compilation of essays exploring issues of reconciliation and multiculturalism in political discourses. Kymlicka and Bashir provide an excellent introduction to the issues explored throughout the book in their chapter “Struggles for Inclusion and Reconciliation in Modern Democracies.” They note that the politics of reconciliation and the politics of difference are often theorized in academic discourses as separate phenomena and write for the need for further research on the ways they intermingle and overlap. The essays in the book do indeed explore their entanglement and in doing so raise issues of religious/secular connotations of reconciliation; discourses of human rights; justice and jurisprudence as explored through Truth and Reconciliation Commissions; and representations of these phenomena in the space of the museum. In the context of the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the book is a timely contribution to the dynamics of nation-building, history and international indigenous rights. 

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