Think Gallery – Art Show

November 16, 2008

I have a few pieces up at Think Gallery in NYC. This collaborative art show runs from November 14th to December 14th 2008 and features artwork from 14 artists.

Like my academic research, my art projects focus on the issue of memory and its representation. The textured result of paint and photography on canvas is a reflection on the ephemeral nature of memory.  The pieces included in this exhibition are “Her Memory,” “Sapporo Subway” and “Family Portraits.” 

2 Responses to “Think Gallery – Art Show”

  1. martin bar Says:

    really interesting images — and I think I know the cafe. I really like the ‘three maids’ shot; was there a ‘mikado’ influence there by chance?

  2. tracingmemory Says:

    Thanks. No ‘mikado’ influence really.

    I think there is something interesting or poetic in working with threes. (My ‘family portraits’ series is also broken down into three images.) The girls in “Her Memory” are actually the same girl transferred three times, a representation of the repetitive, yet malleable, nature of memory.

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