Chair of Commission Steps Down

October 22, 2008

Should it be taken as a sign of trouble to come that the Chair of the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation cites irreconcilable differences with his fellow Commissioners, Claudette Demont-Smith and Jane Brewin Morley as his reason for stepping down? Even with a mediator, the Commissioners, charged with leading Canada in its historical TRC, were unable to resolve their dispute.

Ironically, Justice Harry LaForme claims that the other two Commissions wanted to focus on the aspect of truth in the Commission and he wanted to focus on reconciliation. When they didn’t see eye to eye, he resigned. His actions only prompt the question, What kind of reconciliation is possible? And when it’s hard to reach, should one throw in the towel? Undoubtedly, there are some uncertain days ahead of the Commission.

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2 Responses to “Chair of Commission Steps Down”

  1. Martin Bar Says:

    Ironic? I wonder if Ms. Demont-Smith + Ms. Brewin Morley find truth in Justice LeForme’s claims.

  2. […] As I posted a few weeks ago, the Chair of the Canadian TRC, Justice Harry LaForme has stepped down. My initial response was that this did not bode well for the TRC, that if the three Commissioners […]

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